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I am grateful to have lived on Maui for the past 30+ years and I have the deepest respect for the island and the people here. I treasure this amazing place and have been fortunate to enjoy a busy career in in Real Estate for the past 11 years. My goal is to provide very thorough and honest information, communication and service, and to protect your best interests at all times. My work ethic is simple - I live by the Golden Rule and treat others the way I would like to be treated myself.

I assist Buyers and Sellers island-wide with Homes, Condos and Vacant Land. The transactions I have closed range from Luxury multi-million dollar transactions to first time home buyers, and I appreciate every client. My business is based on referrals and networking so long term, ongoing relationships and return clientele are very important to me. I do not disappear after closing, I’m here for you.

It is a very important decision to choose a realtor who is a good fit for you and the last thing you need is a slick sales pitch. Remember you’ll be communicating with your realtor over weeks, months, sometimes years so make sure it is someone who you enjoy working with.

I want to help you to make decisions that you feel comfortable with in the long run. Whether you are Buying or Selling property here, I’m happy to send you listings, data and information so that you can review it on your own time. I am a big believer in giving people the space they need when making important decisions. I work at your pace, from “relaxed” to “urgent” and I am happy to switch gears on a moment’s notice.

Thank you again for considering me as your Realtor, I hope to connect with you soon!
With Gratitude and Aloha, Gail

A little more background if you are interested:
Before I got into Real Estate, I was lucky to be a full time singer/songwriter for 15 years.

When I had vocal chord trouble in 2004, I realized I needed to “get a day job” so I decided to purse a career in Real Estate. After getting my license, I admit that I was kind of hesitant to tell people that I was a realtor. I was aware of a negative stereotype in the real estate business and things really needed to feel right for me. I didn't understand how such a personal business (helping people with their homes) could seem so cold at times. So as I put my business together I looked for ways to re-personalize it and minimize the stress. I knew that if I was always completely honest and treated people by the golden rule, I would enjoy my new career. Ta-Da It worked! I now happily use my right and left brain to do my best to bring a unique and creative approach to real estate.

I can now honestly say that I love this job. I am a Broker and I have opened my own real estate brokerage. I have helped people in every price range, investors and homeowners, rock stars and celebrities, affordable homes and luxury properties. Everyone is different, and everyone is appreciated. "GRATEFUL" is my favorite word and feeling in life.

It is very important to me that I live up to my personal commitment to donate a portion of my commission to charity each year. I look forward to supporting your favorite cause and I am thankful for the opportunity. Please visit my "Pass It On" program.

For information on my music (these days I just perform at fundraisers or for opening shows) please visit my music website,